2600 mAh Battery for Samsung J2 Pro SM-J210F (3 Months Warranty)

  • New High-Quality Battery Stay connected with your family and friends by getting extra and strong battery power. Best replacement battery for J2 Pro 2016 (SM-J210F). Complete 2600 mAh inside the battery for excellent back for mobile phone.
  • Battery Model Number: EB-BG530CBN
  • THE BATTERY INSTRUCTIONS: Please drain all the power of the battery for the first 3 times before charging, and then take a full charge. Check if there is any dust in the connector or if any pin is broken or not. Also, check for any corrosion in contact and plug. Clean the plug using IPA or swabs. Make sure you use ESA safe —– only check the interface connector to see if there is any dust or not. We ask you to use an original company charger or good brand charger to charge your mobile and battery.
    Seller Warranty: The product warranty(3 Months warranty) is applicable if the battery stop working. The product warranty is NOT applicable if the battery swells, reduces in load, or has any other issue.
    1. Make sure connectors are clean and no carbon on the connectors.
    2. Charge your battery at-least 4 hours for the first time.
    3. Always Charge with Original/Reputed Brand Charger and Cable.
    4. Note: After you installed new battery Reset/Format the phone to sync the battery with phone
  • How to get the battery warranty claim
    1. Send a video of the battery not working on the provided email address in the invoice with the order number and battery image.
    2. Plz, send the battery to the given address through courier. The cost of the courier will be paid by the customer only.
    3. Once the battery reaches our address, we’ll investigate and send the fresh battery based on seller warranty guidelines.
    4. The Entire process is likely to take between 10-15 days request for the customer’s patience.
    High Quality Replacement Battery for Samsung J2 Pro (SM-J210F)
    3 Months Seller Replacement Warranty
    The Battery comes in loose packing
    Note: After you installed the new battery Reset / Format the phone to sync the battery with the phone.