Original Compatible Battery For HTC One M7 / BN07100 2300mAh Genuine Battery

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    • Long backup with smooth performance on your HTC One M7 / BN07100 2300mAh Mobilee
    • Before Place Order Kindly Check Your Mobile Model or Battery Model & mAh to Avoide Uncompitability of Batterye
    • Compact designe
    • High in Quality and Stable and Performance.e
    • Long Power Backupe
    • Provides Good Talk and Standby Time Performancee
    • Light Weighte
    • As it is a Lithium ion Battery, it can be easily Recharged.e
    • Stay in Touch Longer by Getting Battery Power with a Lithium-ion Batterye
    • Optimum Performancee
    • Good and Safe Performance under numbers of test and measurement.e
    • So now you can enjoy uninterrupted calling, surfing and more on your HTC One M7 / BN07100 2300mAh Smartphone


In stock

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  • New Battery Should be Charge 12 to 14 Hours 3 to 4 Times for Activating full Capasity of Batttery.
  • No allowance for disassembling the battery from your Mobile
  • Avoid being worked in the high temperature above 45 C ,exploding may be invited by disposing the battery in Fire
  • No wet or damp
  • Avoid being pressed or fallen high
  • Not put it together with metal like key or coin to prevent short circuit
  • Not good charger will damage the battery of your Mobile.


  • Charge the battery for at least 12 hours before using it for first time.
  • Please use original charger or professional battery charger.
  • Don t place your battery near a heat source.Excessive heat can damage the phone battery,the battery could become very hot.
  • Always charge the battery at near room temperature(0 -45 )
  • Do not disassemble or modify the battery for any other purpose.
  • Do not expose the battery to liquid or subject to strong mechanical shocks.
  • Do not charge the battery more than 24 hours.


Warranty Type Warranty of the product is limited to manufacturing defects only
Warranty Available 3 Month Seller Warranty
Not Covered in Warranty Physical damage and burn out cases are not entitled for warranty
Note*** An Alternative model but same size battery will be provided (Battery mAH may be different)

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8 reviews for Original Compatible Battery For HTC One M7 / BN07100 2300mAh Genuine Battery

  1. Chandrashekhar Sharma

    Very good product ….long lasting

  2. komal sighania

    original battery with battery backup and good


    battery backup long time batter and low price aur get fast service…!

  4. simmi ghosh

    Purchased these due to the price and so I would have extra batteries on hand instead of excessively charging my phone.

  5. bharti

    found an excess of positive charge on one pole and an excess of negative charge on the other, did not find this information in the provided literature. just trying to alert other shoppers

  6. cakkardhar sharma

    Awesome power charge and I just cant believe how long I can use this phone on this charged battery .

  7. simran waludhani waglee

    Great price and works even better. original battery high fast charge battery super battery backup just amazing product full battery backup battery aur small price me…wow a one seller

  8. nitin

    Proper battery for my phone. works great.

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