Delivered by cutting-edge technology, is efficient and convenient. Submerge yourself in the limitless world of true stereo sound. It’s lightweight and flexible design gives you maximum comfort. A high quality mic that is correctly positioned which allows you to speak directly into the micro phone and have effortless conversations.
[TANGLE FREE] Durable Earphone with untangle cables and call receive / cut and play / pause button (Change Track on Double and Triple Click) makes it easier to have long lasting, tangle and without frustration music and call experience. These sweat resistant earphones are great for running and gym workouts.
[OUTSTANDING] Powerful, deep, rich bass, crystal clear sound and audiophile quality. With excellent Noise Isolation that effectively blocks ambient noise, you can listen to your music comfortably without hearing fatigue
[Lightweight] This enables you to carry on conversations while you continue to do other things.
Deeper, richer bass tones. Perfect in design with the excellent noise attenuating ability.