1.Made of top-rate A li-ion battery cell provide you over 500 charging cycles with high-speed and efficient charging.
2.High quality copper connectors that provide optimal connection to your phone.
3.The best spare battery for your phone, Keep an extra battery on hand for extend standby and talk-time.

For Best Performance:
1. Make sure to fully charge and discharge your new battery 3 to 5 cycles;
2. Use your original charger and cable which came with your phone to recharge this battery.
3. When the battery is depleted, it may take a few minutes for indicator to show when recharging;
4. Recharge the battery once every 3 months if it will not be used for a long period of time.

* Battery Capacity: 4000 mAh
* Battery type: Li-ion battery
* Watt-hour: 9.9Wh
* Voltage Output: 3.8V

Kindly Reminder:
Please double check your phone model prior to purchasing to ensure this battery is compatible with your phone. You can find some instruction videos on YouTube or find a technician for help if you don’t know how to replace your battery.

Important Notes
WARNING: To reduce risk of fire or burns, do not disassemble, crush, puncture, short external contacts or dispose of the battery in fire or water. Suggest a change
LITHIUM BATTERY- The Battery type is Lithium Ion/Lithium Polymer and the Voltage is accurate. This is the standard rechargeable accessory that is certified for you cell phone. Fully replaceable, powerful, and lightweight that lets you power your phone for longer!
PERFECT COMPATIBLITY – The battery has the same size as the original-battery and guarantees compatibility without problems.
GENUINE QUALITY – WIMAX purchase all the batteries directly from company’s customer care and are 100% CARE OG. Built-in certified Grade A+ battery cells under strict quality control standards. This Battery will provide you with up to 500 Lifetime Charge Cycles with a high-speed and efficient charge.
NOTE: After you installed the new battery Reset / format the phone to sync the battery with the phone.